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Aug 5, 2012: Podcast on the Trail 103.3 with the Wine Guy Mike. A lot of fun


June 2012:               When Wine is your World, build a Custom Wine Room

Custom wine storage in the United States is a worry free task when engaging the services of born and bred French wine connoisseur, Philippe Leiritz, owner of Your Custom Cellar. Discover the secrets of how and why a custom wine room should be built to protect long-term aging commodities. Once the perfect design is developed and critiqued to your space, hand-picked craftsmen of the trade will carefully construct the personally designed storage area.

Your Custom Cellar Custom Wine Rooms was created by Philippe, an immigrant from Alsace, France. The knowledge that he brings to the states far exceeds that of most Americans with a familiarity of how to treat a good bottle of wine. Located in beautiful Missoula, Montana, Your Custom Cellar services customers throughout the country.

Both commercial and residential designs of custom wine storage are available free of charge. Sizes of specialty wine rooms are based on the customer's facilities and future needs. Displays ranging from 10 to 10,000 bottles, all with orientation and conditions considered, can be built for restaurants, architects or homeowners with a passion for the best desirable storage.

In addition to learning how light, humidity and temperature are crucial for the finest wine storage, many options are presented. Anyone interested in appreciating the fine art of an aged wine will find storage an important factor. Great ideas explode from this talented firm that has professionalism behind each new challenge.

Only the finest wood is used in crafting racks to keep your stock protected as well as aesthetically pleasing to visitors. Redwood, mahogany, oak and alder are a few of the choices available to customers. Expert advice is also offered such as, never use cedar for storing expensive wines. All commercial and residential wine racks are made in Montana and can be completely assembled before shipping or put together by the customer. Easy to assemble instructions are shipped with each ready to assemble rack.

Visit www.yourcustomcellar.com and view completed projects for ideas to fit your space. Learn interesting facts about wines and the culture that first made it famous. Tour through fantastic ideas for your home that can only be designed by a connoisseur of fine wines raised in the midst of French wine country. Lighting and details that make you bask in the surroundings of your exquisite private wine collection is almost as good as closing your eyes and swirling the taste around your palette.

If you are ready for the investment of a wine cellar or room, choose a company that realizes how to traditionally treat your wares to grow better with time. The information and designs are free with amazing results. Contact Philippe for your personal consultation on how to best care for your wine collection. Whether looking for a rack for ten bottles or a custom wine room, the knowledge alone of this seasoned expert is well worth the time. Your Custom Cellar is located at 400 West Broadway in Missoula, Montana. Call 406-360-6629 for a personal appointment or contact Philippe by email at info@yourcustomcellar.com.
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