The Customer

We understand the different requirements inherent to our customers. 
A wine cellar is an investment. We will communicate with you to understand and translate your needs.
May you be a wine collector, a restaurant owner, a grocery store manager/owner, an architect or contractor or a wine enthusiast, we will give you the service you deserve.
We have worked with retailers on the East coast, as well as home owners in Las Vegas and here in Montana. 
Our racks can be assembled by us or very easily by the customer. Each assembly instruction is tailored to the custom wine rack. 
Our goal is to insure your complete satisfaction.
Architects, Contractors
and Designers

  We work with architects and contractors. Our 3D design capabilities allow for easy transfer between computers. We are very hands on while we keep open communication channels. We easily customize our product to any size and shapes to fit the customer's space. Our product is 100% Made in Montana. 


 We understand the needs of the retailers and restaurants. Our versatility allows for easy design integration within the actual decor. We work within your specifications and budgets requirements. We offer functionality and beauty. Your custom rack can be a unique piece that will enhance your space and still be practical.

For the wine collector, we also have wine racks and wine room options. We design racks that hold 1 to 10,000 bottles. We bring you our Custom Wine Room knowledge to help you create your unique space. We take pride in creating your Custom Wine Room within your specifications and budget.