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What do you eat with a $168,000 bottle of Wine?
The most expensive wine ever sold directly from a winery will go on sale this week, from the venerable Australian vintner Penfolds.

Top wine trading company filled vintage bottles with cheap alcohol as part of million dollar fraud

World's largest Antique Wine Barrel Cellar goes on sale!

Alcohol in a spray!
Ever wished that there were times when you could just end up with that drunk sensation?

The term natural wine is nothing more than a drawer in which to put all the winemakers who didn't make enough effort to convert to organic and bio dynamics.

France's greatest wine list
Guests have been known to arrive 2 hours early just to read a part of the wine list (14,970 bottle selection). The full list weighs a bicep-straining 20 lbs.

The US consumes more bottles of wine than any other nation in the world. But almost 80 years after the end of the Prohibition, buying a drink can still be tricky. By Jane O'Brien--May 2, 2012

So you want to start a Wine Cellar?  with Paul Ippolito

10 signs you are a wine Geek!
1- You can recount the details of every wine harvest in the 9 districts of France since you're 21.
2- You've asked for a wine list at Denny's.

Watch these videos to see what lengths people will go to open a bottle of wine in a pinch.
5 Creative ways to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.

Adorable actress Drew Barrymore has a lot to celebrate. An engagement to art consultant Will Kopelman. A rumored baby on the way.

And now, a gold medal for her newest business project — the launch of Barrymore 2011 Pinot Grigio — to compete with her Golden Globe.

“I love wine, and it’s always fun when you can do something in your work life that you love in your personal life,” the actress told Wine Spectator magazine last month.